Hi! I'm Kenny Isidoro, a multidisciplinary design operative working at the intersection of building, branding and business

I'm a designer at Bergmeyer, a design firm focused on enhancing the everyday. I work with organizations to help them evolve, translating their values and culture into brand platforms and experiences. 

What I'm working on now:
Branding and marketing design for a new residential property in Boston.
Experiential design and branding for a new food & beverage project in Los Angeles.
Designing the wayfinding system and special exhibits for a new museum.
Brand identity and signage design for a mixed-income residential development.
Designing branded environments for the clubhouse of a student residential development.​​​​​​​
Relishing in the completion of a multi-year project to open a tap room for a major craft brewer.
What else I'm working on:
Creating meaningful connections with brand partners for AIGA Boston, where I serve on the board as Director of Partnerships. Want to get involved?
Writing down thoughts on building, branding, and business, and whatever else crosses my mind, on LinkedIn, like... Portfolio tips for the emerging designer, or Can you make it look pretty?, or Change before you have to.
Seeking opportunities to speak at local and regional events and conferences. Email me if you or someone you know is hosting.
Sharing things in short form on Twitter.
Figuring out what to post next on Instagram.
Archiving some past work on Behance.
And last, but most importantly, raising four of the most magnificent little humans in the world.

Well, you've made it this far... say hi by sending me an email or connecting with me on social.
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